Wear Your Roots Clothing: Our Love Letter to America

Wear Your Roots Clothing: Our Love Letter to America - WYR

Hi, it's Joe at Wear Your Roots Clothing, a company whose designed, manufactured and sold clothing that celebrates the places and states you love and call home for over twelve years now.  


Over the years we've developed iconic partnerships with power houses like Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl. Chosen not just for their nostalgia, but the message they represent. In addition to iconic partnerships we keep clear to our original message of supporting a diversified group of local Montana high schools and colleges. As well as others throughout the United States. When our customers speak, we listen. Increasing our brand to include and offer a wide variety of products for men, women and youth including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, sunglasses, multiuse packs, home accessories and more. Each product is easily and affordably customizable to fit a design for all 50 states. (Find Your State Here)


Founded by two best friends (BrandonAaron) inspired by their love for the state of Montana & the outdoors. Built on the desire to provide a way for folks to share their own passion for their roots. WYR originated with not only their eye on sustainability, but an aim to give back. It's with pride we can say, we're able to annually give nearly 10% of our proceeds to local and national charities and awareness campaigns. Ones close to our hearts and the hearts and homes of our community. 


The collaboration mentioned with Smokey Bear came to us via a partnership with the US Forest Service for example. Created solely to highlight the fun and everyday way, we can support our beautiful Forest Services - in comfort and style. 


Contributing to the eco war is the first step. We also refuse to compromise on quality. Forever aiming to be your "favorite comfortable shirt that lasts forever. "


If you love the WYR Clothing brand there is a way to work with us. After launching our new affiliate program we offer influencers and brand ambassadors the ability to get free products and make a commission on sales from their followers. All you have to do to apply is sign up through this link (https://wearyourroots.com/pages/ambassador) and you will 


KNOWING what you know now - How will you help us prevent lame state pride? Join our ambassador program! 


Sign up at the link below. (https://wearyourroots.com/pages/ambassador)

Once approved you'll receive not only free gear, but a 10% off Code for your friends and followers alike - helping us share the roots love. 

To show we value your time and aid, we're also throwing in a 10% commission on any and all sales generated from your Code Usage! 


As always THANK YOU for helping us stay committed to sustainability, state root pride and giving back to our community! 


Email questions to marketing@wearyourroots.com we're looking forward to working together. 


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