Texas Lifestyle Magazine Features Wear Your Roots Clothing

Texas Lifestyle Magazine Features Wear Your Roots Clothing - WYR

Our favorite states shape who we are (hey, Texas!). From sea to shining sea, WYR helps you pay homage to the state you love with its original State Roots design. Need a comfy shirt while visiting a national park? Want a piece of home when you move to a new state? The wide range of t-shirt and flannel styles will be exactly what guys want to throw into their travel bag– wear it all day and into the evening.

If you are looking for some travel essentials to make your summer getaway more enjoyable, check out these products that we love from wear your roots. From a packable travel hanger to a wet bag for your swimsuit, these items will keep you organized, comfortable, and stylish on any adventure. Whether you are hiking, swimming, or exploring new places, we have you covered with these travel must-haves. Read on to learn more about these amazing products and how they can enhance your travel experience. (HERE)

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